Artificial Intelligence and Networking Technology Lab


National Science and Technology Council (2022~2025)

  • 6G Key Technologies and Applications: Optimizing Hierarchical Resource Offloading and AI as a Service Model (Integrated project with 5 subprojects)
  • Host-based Intrusion Detection System based on Multiple Data Sources and Deep Learning

Department of Defense (DoD) (2022~2026)

  • DoD Advanced Technology Research Program – IoT Security Vulnerability Detection (國防先進科技研究計畫 – 物聯網資安漏洞檢測)
  • Applying for Active Defense (2024~2027)

Telecom Technology Center(TTC) (2021~2024)

  • Development of AI Image Recognition System Security Testing Methods and Tools (人工智慧影像辨識系統安全測試方法與工具開發) (2021)
  • Development of Artificial Intelligence Face Recognition System Security Testing Tools (人工智慧人臉辨識系統安全檢測工具開發) (2022)
  • Development of Security Testing Tools for Intrusion Detection Systems Based on Transformer (基於Transformer之入侵偵測系統安全檢測工具開發)

Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) (2023)

  • Preliminary Research on Information Security Strategies and Criteria for Energy Storage Systems (儲能系統資訊安全策略與準則先期研究)

China Steel Corporation (2023)

  • Development of Technology for Counting the Quantity of Small and Medium-Sized Steel Ingots During Overhead Crane Handling (天車吊運中小鋼胚數量清點技術開發)

Shin Kong Wu Ho-Su Memorial Hospital (新光吳火獅紀念醫院) (2023)

  • Prediction of the Probability of Failure of Peritoneal Dialysis within One Year based on Deep Learning and Feature Importance Analysis (運用深度學習於預測腹膜透析一年內會失敗的機率與特徵參數分析)